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RealEyes 3D SA
RealEyes3D SA. Saint-Cloud. France. 2006-2008. Strategic development including organisational development, creation of business development scenarios, operational optimisation.Realeyes3D is a pioneer in mobile imaging applications and services for camera phones, and a trusted player in mobile document scanning with the award-winning Qipit service.RealEyes3D has “cracked” a key mobile commerce challenge: making 1D bar codes readable with about any camera phone.

Clarmon Corp.
Clarmon Corp. London. UK. 2006-2008. Preparation of company financing Round A. Coaching of the CEO and strategic positionning. Clarmon turns document synchronization into a platform. Its LinkSense technology enables "active links" between document elements and associate them with actions and logic. Links are defined via application-specific toolbars, the logic is executed in the backend or as a service on the web. This forms a Live Document Mesh, which builds processes directly into distributed document sets.

National Grid Wireless
National Grid Wireless. Warwick. UK. 2007. To help the business become a more sales-focussed organisation in the provision of sites, site services and infrastructure and technical services to the mobile and fixed wireless industry. To increase recurring revenue and order book in the short , medium and long term.

Dialcom Networks SL
Madrid and Zaragoza. Spain. 2005-2006. Business Development : develop relationships with equipment vendors, mobile operators and system integrators. Dialcom provides organisations with the capability of maintaining real-time Video and Voice communications as well as collaboration tools in a distributed network.

Brussels. Belgium. 2001-2003. Interim CEO. Member of the Board of Directors. General management, relations with the shareholders. Management of strategic projects such as the rebranding from Orange to BASE, the introduction of the i-mode service in partnership with KPN (NL) and DoCoMo (Japan). Strategic leadership. BASE is the 3rd mobile telephony operator in Belgium.

KNP Mobile NL
The Hague. NL. 2000-2001. UMTS commercial strategy and implementation. Management and coordination of several working groups in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. KPN is the incumbent telecom operator in The Netherlands.

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